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A simple widget showing what is playing on Lounge-radio.

free download:
Screenshot: Lounge-radio is now playing "valldemossa".

11.9.2007: refresh interval changed to 15 sec (Dashboard version)

23.4.2007:   The Lounge-radio seems to be offline today. The widget can not live without the server. Connecting...

22.4.2007:   Browser version LoungeRadioWdgt.html (download the page to your desktop and open from there)
Or use original Lounge-radio full version.

20.4.2007 1.2 released (Dashboard):
  • connections to the server are handled in a better way
  • (i) button is visible
  • new icon

20.4.2007 1.1 released (YahooWidgets):
  • connections to the server are handled in a better way
  • About box upgraded
  • new icon

19.4.2007 1.0 released (YahooWidgets):
  • Windows ?
  • looks like the Dashboard version
  • refresh interval is 5 sec
  • track names optionally in black or white colors

18.4.2007 bug: cover images with ampersand in their names are not shown. Some cover images are not shown. The bug appears usually once per a day.

17.4.2007 1.1 released (Dashboard) :
  • memory leak found and solved
  • slower updates (from 2 to 5 sec) = lower CPU usage, no rush - it is a lounge time
  • track names optionally in black or white colors

16.4.2007 1.0 released (Dashboard) :
  • developed on G4 PPC, but should be working also on Intel Macs ()
  • Displayed information: cover images + track names

Screenshot: Lounge-radio next to the dock.
Any suggestions how to improve the widget are very welcome.
lr events icon
Lounge-radio.com Events:
A simple widget to count down Your favourite event on Lounge-radio.com.

free download:
Screenshot: Multiple instances of the widget to count down more shows.

How it works:
The widget is updated each minute (using GMT) and displays the number of ...
  • remaining days if it is more than 24 hours.
  • remaining hours if it is more than 1 hour.
  • remaining minutes if it is less than 1 hour.

Flip the widget to choose a different event.
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